Tansi, Welcome

I’m Shan, my spirit name is “Wapan Kisikawi Pisim Iskwew” meaning “Early Morning Sun Woman”. I am a multi-faceted being ready to empower you so we can rise up to co-create change in our world.

Rooted in ancestral wisdom, I serve as an empowerment soul coach, cultural dancer, speaker & facilitator.

I am on a mission of reclamation, breaking down barriers, empowerment, self sovereignty & reconnection to spirit.

Dawn Woman Coaching


Speaking and/or Facilitation

“I had a beautiful hypnosis session with Shan that allowed me to create the vision for my most empowered and confident self, step into and embody this version of myself. I loved how Shan asked very powerful questions in order for me to dig deeper into what I desire to feel and experience. From there she created a personalized hypnosis and guided me into a deep relaxation where I could absorb the suggestions. I left the session feeling excited for what is to come and motivated to move forward in this empowered and confident energy. Thank you Shan!

“So empowering! Thank you sister! Your bright soul brought me out of my current depression I’ve been stuck in over the last few months. So grateful for your gift you have brought to Mother Earth and all the living beings here! I had so much release. So powerful, many tears came, it was so healing. I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful moment you offered. You have such a radiant beam of light that just shines from you! You made me feel completely connected and as if I were there in person. Your presence is so genuine and gentle and graceful and so sweet that I felt so much more safe to let go and not be scared or shy to try this healing process whee normally I hold back a lot and I felt so safe to be free and open with my body and trust it”

“I had the opportunity to do a single activation session with Shan. During our session we got really clear on the type of person I desire to be and how I can start embodying that version of myself. Shan used a few different NLP techniques to really help solidify those beliefs in my subconscious and since the session I have felt more confident, my self worth has increased and I’ve had difficult conversations that in the past I would have completely avoided. It was such a beautiful and expansive experience and Shan is a beautiful soul. She holds space in such a compassionate, joyful and kind way where you feel you are being supported and heard and that you can open your heart and let her know what your desires are and know that she will help you achieve that!”


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