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“Pure light, love and respect for this warrior of light.”

Amanka Selva

“Pow wow fit takes fitness to a new level. Shanley’s gentle, loving nature makes it comfortable for all body types, her knowledge of our traditional dances that are shared throughout the sessions bring a sense of connectedness to our land and community. Our traditional dancing is also a form of prayer. Pow wow fit meets out physical, emotional, spiritual and mental Health. Shanley is really important to our community, the knowledge and gifts she shares is crucial to Indigenous resurgence.”

Laraine Sieveright

“This woman is amazing, so humble and an amazing example for our children.”

Makade Makwa Ondaadizi Wabishki

“Shanley taught dance to incarcerated youth while I watched. Positive, patient, respectful and gentle. Her example in word and action was a lovely role-modeling of what it means to be a proud, dignified, indigenous woman. Her students grew, improved and loved it. She’s a gem, talented and real.”

Pahan Pte San Win

“She is a beautiful young woman. I felt blessed to get to know her. Her powwow fit classes are really amazing. I felt like a new woman when I left. Wanting to know more and getting in touch with who I am as an Indigenous woman…what a blessing for all women. Can’t wait for the next one!”


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