Tips for 2021

1. Re-align Your Thoughts Your thoughts create your intentions, which emits an energy, vibration and frequency which attracts and manifests your reality. How do you talk to yourself? Talk to yourself the way you'd talk to someone you love. What are you magnetizing into your experience? Our minds and our thoughts are more powerful than [...]

How To Harness Your Inner Power

Let me paint you a picture. Your breath lost in the ecstasy of its depths, your heart dancing amongst the stars. The aliveness surrounding your being, reflecting the aliveness within you. A sacred far away land, where the earth speaks, vibrates with its own frequency. A frequency that only the lucky few will get to experience. That is you. For you were drawn here star [...]

A Dream With An Important Message.

           It all began when I found myself on an empty, open, paved highway. One of those highways where it looks like it goes on forever, without ever reaching a destination and with no soul in sight. Far removed from any civilization or disturbance. It was piercingly silent. The sun was bright that day and directly [...]

Where is she now.

Well the rumours are true, Phoenix has once again tugged on my heart strings and nudged at my spirit to make the trip South. I had originally booked a flight way in advance for January 8th 2019, thinking I would have my life together at this point and be able to travel freely, fully confident [...]


Well 2018's Winter Solstice has come and gone and now the concept of a new calendar year has also passed. In these times, I often go through an "end of year" reflection and set intentions and manifestations for moving forward. Instead of setting resolutions, I write out all that I would love to manifest in [...]

Which adventure am I embarking on next and why?

Tanisi, Aniin, Greetings my fellow relatives, The eve of a new adventure is upon us. I have physically manifested one of my life long dreams of travelling to and exploring the magical lands of New Zealand. It’s been on the top of my list since I was very young and now it’s actually happening!   [...]

Through the language we can bring healing to our people.

Through the Language we can bring healing to our people. Tansi/Kwe, As a First Nation, Inuit, and/or Metis individual, what priorities would you bring to the forefront of Turtle Island in order to bring healing, renewed relationships, positive action and revitalization of our diverse cultures? This question was at the heart, spirit and intent of [...]


12/21/17   Shift of season. Changes and growth, In perspectives, way of thought and way of life. Winter Solstice. Authentic, raw beauty. The real soul weeding its way through the implemented stories and strategies for survival. A code decoded. I’ve always been better with words down on paper. The mess of my mind allotting space [...]

Dear fellow traveller.

02/12/2017   Wonderfully lost within tangles of thoughts with such great depths. The seeds nourished and lovingly planted. The soul embracing its nest, the sun, providing life, energy, growth. Young sakastew Iskwew. The world ever-expanding. Continuation of opening her mind. Expanding it, paving the way for lost and found treasures. Moments frozen in time, memories [...]