Tips for 2021

1. Re-align Your Thoughts

Your thoughts create your intentions, which emits an energy, vibration and frequency which attracts and manifests your reality. How do you talk to yourself? Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to someone you love. What are you magnetizing into your experience? Our minds and our thoughts are more powerful than we could imagine. 2021 is the time to learn about this simple powerful tool and use it for our benefit to ourselves, our circles, our community and the planet.

2. Focus on Love

Choose love, choose it in every situation, experience, conflict, person, place or thing. Find practices and/or rituals that assist you in opening your heart space to allow more love to be received. It’s 2021, time to release those walls honey. Discover what it truly means to master unconditional love for all things including yourself, the shadows, the journey, life itself, all living beings on the planet and all events that take place. 2021, we don’t have space for hate or fear, instead to choose to send that hate/fear our unconditional love, compassion and understanding.

3. Trust

Trust in the divine plan. Surrender to what is. Know that everything you are seeking, is seeking you. Release your tension, stress or fear and just allow trust to guide your journey. Perhaps repeat mantras or affirmations of trust into your daily practice (ex: I trust myself and know what I need or I trust that my powerful intentions combined with my faith are enough to allow my vision to become my reality).

4. Feed Your Body High Vibrational Foods

Feed your temple, your physical vessel with high vibrational Whole Foods. Health is our wealth. It’s the year to keep our immunity strong, keep our channels clear and to shift our perspectives and mindset around food. Shift it to a mindset that food is medicine. We want our bodies, minds and spirits to be operating on a level of optimization, pure and heightened energy, strength and vitality.

5. Movement Is Key

High energy and global shifts will continue to occur and only increase. Create ways to move your body in ways to release tension, stress, anxiety or any stored negative emotions/energy. Movement allows us to open up, clear our central channels, cleanse the body and regulate our nervous system functions. There are so many beautiful ways to move whether it be dancing, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, flow arts, running or walking, etc. So much to choose from! Make it fun, find a movement that feels good to you instead of it feeling like a chore or hard work. Movement it truly medicine, for it clears our minds, activates our lymphatic system, helps cleanse the body of toxins through perspiration and strengthen our endurance, balance and health.

6. Cultivate Balance

Now more than ever it’s important to balance our masculine and feminine energies. Our yin and yang, lightness and darkness, of our internal world. Once we master this balance on the inside it will be reflected and manifested in our external world, therefor creating balance in the collective. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.

7. Take Deep Breaths

Reclaim your self sovereignty and spirit, gain control of the mind and ignite the sacred fires within. Discover the power of re-connecting to your breath. Research breath work techniques and meditations that will help fast-track your healing, evolution, balance and self-growth. 2021 is all about integrating our deep breathing into our everyday lives and discovering the sacredness of each breath, each inhale and exhale of life. To see the preciousness in the moment, in the moment of that breath.

8. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

This is my personal mantra for 2021. Don’t be afraid of your power and your light. If you feel fear, go out into the world and shine on anyway. Rise up, the world needs your magic, your gifts and your voice.

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