How To Harness Your Inner Power

Photography by Krista Anderson.

Let me paint you a picture. 
Your breath lost in the ecstasy of its depths, 
your heart dancing amongst the stars. 
The aliveness surrounding your being, 
reflecting the aliveness within you. 
A sacred far away land, 
where the earth speaks, 
vibrates with its own frequency. 
A frequency that only the lucky few will get to experience. 
That is you. 
For you were drawn here star child, 
You followed that slight whisper in your soul, 
You followed the calm, gentle stillness of singing. 
A hummingbirds song, 
The mountains hum. 
It’s time for Gaia’s children to return to her now, 
To join in song, with that same calm, gentle stillness of a hum. 
To unlock the blocks, to grab hold of the key and open the door to the heavens. 
It’s time for us to realize our innate and birthright of our humble god and goddess power. 

How to harness this power and step into our selves at this time: 

1. Grab Hold of your heart and take 10 deep breaths

Drawing Gaia’s energy from the ground then up through your feet, travelling up through your sacral channel and centre of your body then up and out at the top of your head. Secondly, visualize her bright white light filling your being. Energizing, clearing, grounding and supporting your being. The breath alone, is a powerful way to harness your own innate and infinite power and potential. Additionally allowing your body to detoxing. In continuation to diving deep into harnessing your true power, I suggest finding breath work techniques and practices to implement into your daily life. 

2. Move, Embody all that you feel, all of your experience

Find the places that may hurt, then move and breathe into them. In other words, dance, flow, sweat, send breath to the areas that feel stuck, move and play with your energy centres. Certainly, learn to accept and embody all parts of self then dance with your shadows and become their best friend. Lose yourself in movement. Lose all concept of identity, ego or self. In conclusion, become aware of that joyous aliveness, that state of just being with the body simply moving through it. 

3. Create time to open up a new relationship with Mother Earth.

Walk slowly and intentional with each step upon her grounds, sit next to a tree in silence, offer medicines or anything you have in form of prayer or offering. Therefore, honouring natures reciprocal law. Start with small actions. For example, offering your compost back to the soil, reducing your plastic consumption, recycling and up cycling items in your house, etc.

4. Express yourself. Discover your authentic self!

Explore avenues that assist your inner self to open up, release, spark joy and above all serve your highest self. Be open to your inner child, learn to play again, learn to create just for the sake of creating. Lose all perception of perfection. Most importantly, just have fun and express what needs to be expressed. Perhaps its through voice like singing, chanting, screaming or cheering out into the forest. On the other hand it could be through art like painting, sculpting, writing, filmmaking, or pottery. Moreover, lose all sense of fear and approach your expressions with compassion and with the underlying value of unconditional love. 

5. Train your subconscious mind.

Firstly, Grab the reigns of your mind then learn how to become in control of the mind. Secondly, Discover ways to train your subconscious and unconscious mind to attract this power into your life. You can do this in many ways. For instance you could chant mantras, read aloud daily affirmations and journal about what you’d like to attract into your life. Additionally, you could do breath work to clear the mind and work from a clear state. On the other hand you can also adventure into hypnotherapy or coaches who are trained in assisting you with transforming the mind. To sum up, there are so many ways to get the mind working for you, to get it on your side and for it to be your best friend in supporting you with accessing your power. 

Now it is time to take action! 

Let me know if you found this helpful. In addition, please let me know in the comments below what works for you in harnessing and tapping into your power. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you for such a heartfelt comment, I appreciate you. It’s been a journey for sure and I’m still learning but love to pass on the knowledge that helping me along the way. Meditating out while laying and being grounded with Mother Earth is a powerful practice, keep on shining sister <3

  2. I love how you’re in touch with nature and within yourself. I love to meditate, especially while laying in the grass in the backyard. Thanks for the post. I love it!

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