Are you aware of the messengers?

Art painting & photo by: Eugene Morriseau from Thunder Bay and a member of of Sandy Lake First Nation.

As I was slowly making my morning coffee, flowing through my normal cycles and comforts to get me “ready” for the day. My autopilot in full force, my world quiet as I moved alone in my little apartment.

            Out of a nowhere, a loud flutter sound knocked me out of the matrix. It brought me back to the present and back into my body. My mind in sensory overload wondering what this loud noise may be and where it was coming from. I glance over at my window and I see the most beautiful little bird flying vigorously at my window, her wings dancing so fast that they were a complete blur. Her body still and poise as if she was on a mission to get through the clear coated barrier in her way.

            She was small, but didn’t look like a baby. She had beautiful yellow highlights in her feathers and she looks marvellously healthy. I kneeled down beside the window and placed my hand where she was fluttering. Instantly she stopped. She just stood there on the window sill looking deep into my eyes with such a beautiful depth in her tiny kind brown eyes. I started to tear up, overcome with emotion I decided to talk to her. I greeted her, “Tanisi Nitootimuk – Hello my relative” and I thanked her for coming to visit me. I thanked her for whatever message she was meant to bring to me that day.

            The grandmothers always told me as I was growing up that it was a beautiful sacred gift is a bird came to your window. It usually means they have a message for you. A lot of times they come with the message of the passing of one of your loved ones or to insinuate a new beginning.

            I’m not too entirely sure what her message was for me today but I have an inkling feeling of what it may be. I’m thankful for her presence in my day. A day where I habitually returned to  routines and habits that I know 100% do not serve me at all. I was back into being an autopilot zombie, unaware of the world around me, unaware of the voice inside. I have a feeling she came to remind me of that. To bring me back to my truest self, to knock me out of it and serve as a reminder of my mission and gifts here in this lifetime in this planet.

            Along with her message today, I wanted to forward it out to all of you to serve as a reminder to listen. To unhinge yourself from the web of the matrix and come back home to yourself even for a moment. Take a deep breath and feel that deep breath animate your whole being, that breath sending energy and life force all across your sacred body. I want her to serve as a reminder to listen to our relatives, they are still out there carrying such sacred knowledge, messages and beautiful teachings if we choose to see and hear it. Sometimes we get so caught up in our industrial, corporate, urban worlds where we stay unnaturally cooped up in concrete buildings all day and night with hardly any real connection to the outside world, the natural world. Out cities have become so loud to the point where it’s hard to even hear our relatives anymore. To hear their songs in the morning, to hear their migrations and to see how they interact with each other.

            Only a select few of people will really know what I mean and will really understand the importance of this word “listen”. They will understand that our ancestors prayed for this, that they are still praying for this. In fact, our whole lives are built upon them and they reside in our DNA. We are in a time, in this generation, where we must do the work. We must stay grounded and connected and not get stuck in the never-ending cycles.

            Thank you dear soul for reading these words. I hope they were the words you needed to come across today. I hope they will be stored gently in your subconscious mind and carry out into the action of your day, in the work that you do and in your heart as you courageously take on this healing journey. If you ever feel inclined to reach out or are in need of support please do not hesitate to send me a message or to leave a comment, we are here as a supportive community to raise each other up and look out for one another.

Lots of love,


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