A Reflective Flow in Honour of Winter Solstice

The silence and stillness of early morning enchanting in all its glory in the winter air. The crisp snow, beneath my feet, crunching as I stride forward, letting the piercing wind kiss my skin. Allowing my mind to drift, the calmness of the rising sun, melting beautiful space within my mind, a clear head, a love for that peculiar moment. An acceptance of this state within my own journey. Feeling a pulsating creative energy move through my body, teasing my mind, lighting up my heart.

As the end of another calendar year creeps closer. Reflecting on magical adventures, past love and heartache, the lows and the highs, the tides and the floods. The lessons learned, the intuition followed, the passions that guided me, the prayers that kept me safe. The shifts in my thinking, the impacts and ripples sent out through intentional love. It’s amazing how much you can actually experience within 365 days. It’s amazing to discover and uncover the truth of manifestation and law of attraction. To discover that magic and power within you. To feel that universe residing within deep on a soul level, to look around and realize the connectedness of it all, the aliveness of it all, the magic within it all.

Growing up, I’ve always strived with one mission; to help people. I was always occupied on helping the other like mothering my baby brother, nursing injured butterflies, gifting beautiful humans with things even if I didn’t have much myself. It’s been a great year, as I began to shift my awareness to also creating that space to help myself. To truly embrace an impactful adventure of self-love and self-compassion. To truly accept and become aware of the negative self-sabotage, the negative self-image or patterns of covering my emotions. I learned how to breathe, I learned how to not be ashamed of my tears but to celebrate them, I learned how to move my body in ways that distinguished negativity and instead invited positivity in. I learned how to look myself in the eyes with pure love, I learned how to feel my own energy and move it toward my visions. I learned how to say no, I learned how to master manifestation. I learned how to dance with my demons.

Now, that’s not to say that that I’m perfect. In fact, I’m very imperfectly perfect. There were days that I felt so low, that I wanted to give up on all my ambitions and ideas, there were days that I would find myself in that low pit of negative self-sabotage again and struggle to dig myself back out, there were days where I didn’t want to get out bed, there were days where I cried so loud and allowed myself to feel that pain. We’re human. Days like this will happen, it’s all a part of the healing process, it’s all teaching us something, it’s catapulting us toward the life we want to create. It’s all showing us our power.

As the shifts in the season and the moon make themselves apparent, I too cannot help but to embrace those shifts within. To revisit my passions, ideas and goals to make sure I am moving toward a life where I feel most aligned. In this new calendar year, I hope to create bigger and better strides to the higher self I imagine. A higher self that continues to make space to listen to her heart, to create safe spaces where I can fall silent and invite the stillness in. To create a community of like-minded people, to find more creative soul mates and friends. To go on more epic adventures and to build a life full of magic, abundance, love, flexibility, creativity, alignment, empowerment and all of the other beautiful compassionate adjectives that get me excited.

If any of what I have wrote, resonated with you. Please consider joining me side-by-side on the blog, the youtube channel and even Instagram. Also please feel free to send me a message if you so feel called to share anything with me, I would love to connect with you. In fact, I would be honoured. Also, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for coming announcement of exciting endeavours and ideas that I have planned for the new year.

Love you,

– Shan

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