5 Reasons To Have More Live Music In Your Life.

IMG_7237 IMG_7226 IMG_7225IMG_7229 IMG_7234          I recently had the pleasure to take a break from studying and clear my mind to go witness beautiful live music with the smokey, flawless voice of Shakey Graves himself along with his musical buddies and opening artists, Esme Patterson and Rayland Baxter.  Shakey is an amazing singer/songwriter from Texas and embarked on a tour with two evenings in Winnipeg at the Park Theater. It was a quickly sold out show but on the morning of his performance they released a handful of tickets which I was able to pounce on and grab. I was so entirely grateful and I couldn’t contain my excitement as I had to finish my day of university classes. Even though it was a cold blustery evening and I was exhausted from my busy day I knew that I definitely did not want to miss this. Sure enough, I was not disappointed. I had entered into a theater full of like-minded individuals who were excited to see this one man and his guitar on stage. This particular night of music instilled the deeper love I have for live music and here are some reasons why:

The Energy Is Contagious
When you enter the room of raw emotion full of excitement and with groups of friends reuniting or the meeting of new friends, the sounds of laughter, cheers and hilarious outbursts from those witty tipsy people in attendance it can be rather contagious. The entire vibe of the room can envelope you into it’s world. Sounds incredibly cheezy; but it’s true. Those of you who have witnessed this know what I mean.

It Can Transform Your Mindset In An Instant.
I remember at one point during the show I just simply looked around the room and saw how the music was just flowing through everyone. It put an instant smile on my face to see so many people just letting loose, letting go and dancing like nobody was watching, it put an instant smile on face to see the pure joy plastered on everyone’s faces, to physically see how the music was just transforming their mindsets and everyone was just living in that moment and for that moment.

You, Yourself Can Get Lost In The Moment.
When you are surrounded by the sweet sounds of the artist on stage and surrounded by people who are letting all their worries go and fully enjoying that moment, you can’t help but get lost with them. All your worries seem to dissipate, reality is nothing but a blur for a while and your just there, in the moment, simply enjoying every bit of that universe and everything there.

Simple Pleasure Of Exploration And Discovery.
There’s something beautiful about going out, exploring, to find those hidden theaters or venues in an area of town you haven’t been to. There’s also something pleasurable about discovering a new band or artist such as the various opening acts or one that the artist themselves recommends. There can also be the discovery and meeting of new friends along the way.

I don’t know if this is just me or if anyone can relate but in most cases when I go watch live music, I become instantly inspired and leave with that inspiration that lingers in my mind after for quite awhile. It can inspire and motivate many things such as pursuing that deep passion to create music yourself or to let out that singing voice just a little more into the world or to simply be yourself and not be ashamed of it. To enjoy the music you enjoy, to wear what you want to wear and do whatever your little heart desires because it what makes yourself happy that’s the most important.

If you have read this far, I thank you so much and I hope you agree with what I have wrote, what are other things you enjoy about live music? Leave them in the comments below! 🙂 Also I’m always up for suggestions for future posts so you can do that as well through contacting me or leaving some in the comments. One more thing to add, I’m always looking for new blogs to check out and follow so you can send me a link and I will for sure check them all out! Thanks!

Hope all of you are doing great! Take care for now!

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