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Stephen Harper recently got back from a summit in Toronto which dealt with the importance and top priority of saving the lives of mothers, newborns and children in developing countries. I understand the importance of helping others and many individuals around the globe certainly need that help. The thing I don’t understand and can’t wrap my head around is why Canada’s top priority isn’t to save the lives of women, men, newborns and children here in our own backyard?

I’ve always heard of prestigious speakers and certain leaders talking about the importance of feeding the rest of the world and helping all these other different developing nations. For a very long time I agreed with these statements because growing up I would watch half hour long world vision commercials and every Halloween collect coins for donations that would be shipped over seas but then I started learning that their were people here in our own backyard, here in Canada living in 3rd world like conditions and who also need our help. There are communities living with no clean accessible water, unhealthy and hazardous environments, the list can go on and on. The government specifically is also moving forward with pipeline and fracking projects which also threatens the livelihood of communities across turtle island with the pollution of lands and waters.

There has also been calls for action and awareness for these communities and these issues. These communities along with their supporters have tried to gain Canada’s attention for a very long time so it’s not as though it’s going as unnoticed as it was before. Canada along with Stephen Harper and the conservative government have seen these demonstrations but feel as though it’s not there top priority for some strange reason. Maybe they feel as though their funding will pay it off, or that their bills and protocols will fix it or that they feel they have given enough for this country but I don’t believe so, there are still families and communities that are struggling in these conditions, many leading to premature deaths and continued issues.

I feel as though Canada’s top priority should be to help our own people before conquering the rest of the world. Maybe that’s too much of a self centered thing for a country to do but once our own country and it’s people are healthy and strong then I believe we will have even more power and strength to help the rest of the world.

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