50 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

“Because we all need cheering up from time to time.”

  1. Make funny faces to yourself in the mirror
  2. Blast your favorite music
  3. Start dancing like nobody’s watching
  4. Belt out and sing your favorite song
  5. Text or call a good friend or relative
  6. Watch baby goats on Youtube
  7. Watch baby leemurs on Youtube
  8. Watch baby animals in general on Youtube
  9. Watch babies on Youtube
  10. Try to picture a T-Rex making it’s bed
  11. Google, “hilarious puns” – enjoy
  12. Google, “awckward family portraits” – enjoy
  13. Cuddle with anything near you such as a pillow, or a pet, or a significant other
  14. Depending on weather, go for a nice run or walk around the block
  15. If it sucks ass outside, go for a nice run or walk around your house
  16. Indulge in chocolate or any other favorite sweets
  17. Order your favorite pizza because pizza = life
  18. Make a fort
  19. Watch a comedic film
  20. Watch a comedic television show
  21. Make a list of things you’re excited for
  22. Paint a picture
  23. Draw a picture
  24. Create a collage of all your favorite things
  25. Prank call someone
  26. Play dress up with your own clothes and make ridiculous outfits
  27. Play with your hair, create ridiculous looking hairstyles
  28. Drink some tea or another hot delicious beverage
  29. Play with a baby or child
  30. Realize how creepy that last point sounded
  31. Read motivational/inspirational quotes
  32. Reassure yourself that things can ALWAYS be worse
  33. Cheer someone else up, the positive energy and knowing you made their day can feel good
  34. Smile – Sometimes it can trick your brain into feeling happy
  35. If that last point doesn’t work, smile bigger with wide eyes and everything
  36. Realize how ridiculous you must look
  37. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back
  38. Give yourself a well deserved self hug
  39. Find someone to hug
  40. Have a bubble bath. You’re NEVER too old for bubble baths
  41. Do something you love
  42. Bake a cupcake then have it all to yourself
  43. Take deep breaths. Imagine you’re inhaling positive and exhaling negative
  44. Remind yourself of everything good in your life
  45. Rant. Even if its to nobody
  46. Go out with some friends
  47. Spend time with your family
  48. Play a game
  49. Find ways to relax such as meditation or yoga
  50. Find the strength to believe that even this storm shall pass

Goodluck! 🙂
what are other ways that helped cheer you up?

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